SAFE PLACE is a national program and provided to Jackson, Madison, and Marshall counties through Tennessee Valley Family Services (TVFS).  TVFS provides the only runaway and homeless shelter program in SAFE PLACE for youth, not in state custody, who are 18 and under, in northern Alabama.  The youth finds a SAFE PLACE sign, placed out in the community at local businesses.  Shelter staff or a volunteer will pick them up and transport them to our shelter, THE OGDEN HOUSE to meet immediate needs and access what next steps will be most appropriate for that youth and their situation. The SAFE PLACE program provides emergency shelter through THE OGDEN HOUSE.  There, staff provide counseling, reuniting with family and advocacy to youth who are abused, abandoned, runaway or homeless.  Youth may stay up to 15 days.  During that time the parents or DHR are notified and are involved in the counseling process.  The goal is to reunite the families, if at all possible.  When home is not a safe option then staff works to find the best option for that youth.  Services are free


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