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SAFE PLACE is a program is put in place to respond quickly to youth in crisis and ensure they are immediately safe.  Kids can go to any place of business or organization where they see the SAFE PLACE sign.  Employees are trained to take youth to a safe place to wait until a volunteer or staff member arrives on site.  SAFE PLACE volunteers and staff are prepared to provide youth whatever help they need.  Whether the youth is taken to the teen shelter because they do not have a safe environment to return to, or simply need to get back to their parents, SAFE PLACE will help.  Tennessee Valley Family Services SAFE PLACE services primarily Jackson, Madison, and Marshall counties, but is always there for ANY youth in need.

THE OGDEN HOUSE is a temporary teen shelter located in Marshall County. Youth contacting any safe place site can be taken to The Ogden House for immediate shelter.  Youth residents are provided shelter, care, counseling, food, and education for a period of up to 90 days.  The Ogden House has professional staff and counselors whose goal is to get the child the help he or she need.  They will work with the teen personally, their family or guardians and the court system when necessary to improve the child’s situation and encourage the healthy environment needed for optimal youth development.

THE STUDIO is the street outreach program located in Huntsville, Al.  THE STUDIO’S  mission is to provide support services for youth “travelers”.  THE STUDIO ‘s efforts meet runaway/street youth where they are.  Experienced staff have been where some of these youth have been and have a genuine gift and interest in helping youth find a better path, fostering growth and personal development, despite difficult circumstances.

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